Welcome to Dorian Drake Europe

Dorian Drake Europe Ltd. is the European automotive distribution subsidiary of Dorian Drake International, Inc., an innovative leader in the field of export management.

Dorian Drake Europe, formed as an evolutionary extension to speed up logistical supply into the market, enables the products your customers are demanding to be supplied from a local European-based warehouse source, decreasing lead times and maintaining the same levels of quality at an affordable price.

Although the European distribution company is a new venture, they are powered by Dorian Drake International's 50 years of supply chain knowledge in various industries supplying the highest quality manufactured US brands across the world. 

Based in New York, USA, Dorian Drake International is a world-class export management company that manages sales and marketing, customer service, credit and collections, export traffic and logistics, and provides consulting services for manufacturers selling in markets outside the United States. The firm staffs stand-alone sales teams in four distinct industries: automotive products, foodservice equipment and supplies, hardware and lawn & garden products and industrial and environmental products.

With the organization's core focus as an Export Management Company (EMC), the firm’s mission is to build world-class distribution for leading manufacturers in select industries.

Dorian Drake International’s strengths are its:

  • Factory-trained sales force, spanning across the globe, is committed to a consultative sales approach to identify, understand, and address customer needs, while paying special attention to review programs, provide product training and make joint customer calls.
  • Multi-cultural sales, marketing and traffic teams are staffed, trained and dedicated to deliver fast, responsive customer service.
  • Team of experienced export traffic professionals who partners with leading global freight forwarders to provide customers timely and accurate delivery, export documentation, and customs clearance—all in strict compliance with U.S. export regulations.
  • Financial strength to extend credit to support customers willing to invest in inventory and employing credit specialists working together with field sales managers focused on customer success.

Dorian Drake truly is a global partner you can trust in. For more information please go to www.doriandrake.com